Dr. Cristina Bartis, M.D.

Interventional Pain Specialist

Dr. Cristina Bartis is a fellowship-trained interventional pain specialist with seven years of experience in healthcare and a focus in pain management.

“The purpose of pain management is to help people improve their quality of life – to become more functional by minimizing their pain and medication dependence to enable them to get back to the things they enjoy doing. We look at a patient’s condition from a whole body perspective and explore many different facets of treatment to help them get there,” says Dr. Bartis.

Fellowship-trained and board-certified in pain management, Dr. Bartis is skilled in a wide variety of interventional therapies. She also has a background in anesthesiology and can utilize it in conjunction with other pain-relief therapies when necessary.

Dr. Bartis works out of the Irving, Dallas, and Mesquite offices of Lumin SpineCARE, which provides its patients with comprehensive pain management options including chiropractic services, medication management, acupuncture, lifestyle counseling and interventional procedures such as epidural or spinal injections that reduce pain, inflammation and irritation. The Lumin SpineCARE team also offers numerous diagnostic tools to pinpoint the exact location of pain in order to treat it more effectively. All treatment plans are customized for the individual patient based on his or her medical condition, personal and family histories, and other considerations such as lifestyle.

“When we get a new patient, we start with a consultation to talk about their condition, lifestyle and medical history. Then we do a physical exam that targets the muscles and nerves to see how they react. After that, we do imaging to get a better look at what’s happening there, and we correlate that with their symptoms to decide on a proper course of treatment. We approach each patient as a whole to provide the best, most comprehensive care possible,” explains Dr. Bartis.

A graduate of The University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas and Austin College in Sherman, Texas, Dr. Bartis completed her residency in anesthesiology and fellowship in pain management from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). Dr. Bartis distinguished herself during her training with several recognitions, including the award for outstanding junior resident and chief resident. She continued her training at UIC as a fellow in acute and chronic pain management.

Dr. Bartis is a member of the American Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Management, the International Spine Intervention Society and American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians. Dr. Bartis also is involved with medical mission work. She and several other physicians – including Dr. Jay Bhatla, also an interventional pain specialist with Lumin SpineCARE – spent time in Ethiopia, where they provided pro bono medical services and trained local nurses.

“When we went to Ethiopia, there were only two trained anesthesiologists in the entire country, so one of our goals was to train local nurses how to perform a proper anesthetic. Before we left the states, we had to design the curriculum for the Ethiopian nurses and get it approved and raise funds so that we could get there,” recalls Bartis. “Going there and being a part of the program was incredible. It’s so hard to put into words. It just makes you realize how fortunate we are, and I’m thankful to have been a part of it.”