What is Adult Stem Cell Therapy?

  • Uses patients’ own stem cells to aid the healing and regenerating process for minimally invasive surgical and non-invasive procedures
  • Used to treat injured, damaged or painful areas
  • An advanced method of treatment with a proven record of success

Adult stem cells move throughout our bodies and have near-limitless capabilities to help aid healing. In fact, adult stem cell treatment has been used to successfully treat cancer patients for more than 40 years.

The therapy is used to treat injured, damaged or painful areas and to promote healing and growth. Once injected into the body, adult stem cells function as the building blocks for tissue re-growth and increased blood flow to the ailing areas at an accelerated rate. The treatment has gained worldwide recognition within the medical industry as one of the largest medical breakthroughs for healing naturally.

The SpineCARE Approach To Adult Stem Cell Therapy

At Lumin SpineCARE®, we strive to offer the latest medical treatments. We fully understand the importance of unlocking the body’s secrets to heal itself, and using the adult (mesenchymal, multi-potent) stem cell treatment approach allows us to do just that.

We use a highly advanced method of harvesting your own stem cells from bone marrow, or fatty (adipose) tissue usually found in the belly area, then separating out the stem cells from the other tissues, and recycling them into your own body in the affected area without manipulation during the procedure. This process makes our stem cell treatment safe, ethical and effective in fulfilling positive medical outcomes with the added benefit of rapid healing.

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